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Andrew Berlinberg

About Berlinberg Properties

Our clients have realized the following benefits based on RMLS statistics and the outcome of our negotiations.

High Sales Prices

  •  In 2018, our clients achieved 100.8% of their asking price, on average.
  • Excluding condos, 91% of our clients sold for at least 98.9% of their asking price or higher.
  • We priced Kati’s house at the high end of the market and set an offer response date for the first Monday. To entice her to accept before the weekend, her buyers offered $25,000 over asking price and later made up the appraisal shortfall with their own funds.
  • After 40 days on the market, Susanne and Brian received an offer $36,500 under their asking price.  By reaching out to other realtors, we generated two more offers, and accepted one $31,500 above the original offer.
  • By leveraging two offers against each other, we obtained an additional $10,000 for Kyle and Melissa, resulting in a sale price $36,000 over asking price.

Minimal Repair Expenses

  •  Two previous buyers each requested a $60,000 reduction to address issues at Natalie’s Mom’s former house.  After counseling Natalie to reject these unreasonable demands, we sold to a buyer who accepted the house with just under $28,000 in repairs.  In addition, this buyer contributed $5,000 toward a new roof, for a net $23,000 in repairs, thus saving the estate over $37,000 from the two previous offers.
  •  After the home inspection, the buyers of Ben and Hazel’s house asked for a $39,000 price reduction, plus four additional repairs, including redoing the recently remodeled master shower, claiming there was moisture intrusion.  We negotiated away every single repair and reduced the price concession by $19,000.
  • The buyer of Lewis’s house asked for the blocked sewer line to be cleared, reinspected and any needed repairs made.  We negotiated this away, despite having a bid from another sewer company who recommended $6,450 of work.  We gave the buyer $175 toward another requested item, thus saving our client over $6,000.

Appraisal Valuations
As standard practice, we proactively send information on favorable recent sales to each appraiser to pre-empt valuation problems.

  •  When David’s 70-year-old 2 bedroom, 1 bath house sold for $16,000 over asking price, the only “comparable” sales we could find to support the sales price had 3 bedrooms.  Of these five houses, three had 2 full baths, and a fourth had 1 ½ baths.  We built the best case we could for the appraiser, and the house appraised for the value needed.






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